Stered in house

Construction material STERED due its excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation characteristics standardly brings new solutions for using products from STERED in construction, in various structural elements of the building. Use of products STERED contributes to the quality of construction; reduction of labor input and grow of labor productivity in the final effect for the end user.

Examples of our applications of STERED

1. Thermal insulation of floor and footstep loss (2 in 1)

2. Thermal and acoustic insulation of walls and partitions

3. Construction system of partition walls

4. Thermal insulation of attic space (Stered realizations)

5. Noise absorbing interior accessories

6. Noise absorbing fence

Stered solutions


Family house – Ilava – the hood sound insulation – STERED ID, EKOSEN STERED ATP

Family house – Myjava – thermal sound insulation walls – EKOSEN STERED ATI


Family house-Rudnik-flat roof – STERED S

Recording studio – Bratislava – acoustic space – STERED ID


Family house-Myjava – insulation of attics – STERED S

Family house-Lieskovec – acoustic flooring – STERED ID

Measurements – Ing. Jana Lendelová, PhD
Noise measurements article

Apartment – Myjava – sound traps in the living room – STERED ID

Family house – Myjava – insulation of ceiling – STERED S

Family house – Predajná – acoustic of flooring – STERED ID

Family house – Predajná- insulation of attics – STERED S

Family house – Prešov- insulation of hammer beam + between the collet area – STERED S

Garden House – Brezno – thermal insulation of walls – STERED S


Family house Myjava – insulation and sound insulation of walls (house build in 1965) – STERED ID

Family house Velká nad Veličkou – insulation of attic (house build in 1905) – STERED S

Acoustic images in distillery Hrašné